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Jul. 13th, 2007

house con 08


We are now up to 426!!   Great work everyone!!  Our new goal is 450 by the weekend.  Together we can do this!  Tell everyone you know to sign the petition! Keep spreading the word!

"This is your brain after signing the petition. Any questions?!"

Jul. 6th, 2007

house con 08

We Have Video!

We are up to 208 signatures!  Nice work everyone!  Here is a little video  put together for the cause--hope you all enjoy it!  And keep SPREADING THE WORD!!


Jul. 5th, 2007

house con 08

Petition Update.

We are up to 173 signatures!! This is AWESOME!  We want to have at least 200 by weeks end. Please help us reach this goal. Sign today and help show FOX how much we want this to happen! Thank you all..you guys ROCK!!

Wilson:"So, did you sign?"
House:"I put Cuddy's name down. Well, sort of...... Signed it 'Partypants'. Close enough..."
house con 08

House Convention Petition.

Dear fellow House fan,


There is much buzz on the FOX message boards about having a House MD Convention next year in May. The organizers are in contact with FOX and they are showing interest in the idea. To make things a bit easier for an upcoming meeting with FOX, it would be helpful to show them real data gauging interest. The convention is in the planning stages and no venue has been decided upon. Locations under consideration include Los Angeles, California, New York City, New York and Princeton, New Jersey. Again I want to stress that this is all preliminary. The meeting with FOX will be sometime this summer.

To that end I have placed a petition link here that we would greatly appreciate if you would add it to your site. There is an option to vote either yes or no. Please remember this is to show FOX our interest in such an event. It is no guarantee the event will be held.



Please let other fans know of this link as every Yes vote counts.


Sincerely hoping we can rock the House in May '08,


"I wonder who is signing the petition now...?"


house con 08

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